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Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

All Malaysian school leavers with PMR/SPM, aged between 15 to 35 tahun and able to speak and write in Malay or English are eligible for entry

Malaysian Skills Certification are available through three ( 3 ) methods :

  1. Through a Recognized Training Institutions
    Method through training programs at accredited centers in the field of DSD certain level of skill and have been commissioned.

  2. Through Industry -Oriented Training ( SLDN )
    The method of apprenticeship training in the National Dual Training System ( SLDN ) conducted in industrial and skills training institutes .

  3. Through the Accreditation of Prior Achievement ( PPT )
    Methods of obtaining the Malaysian Skills Certification through past experience ( work or training ) without the need to take an exam .

Candidates are required to submit proof of the skills that have been held to be assessed by the Valuation Officer and approved by External Verification Officer appointed DSD .

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